Sunday, August 07, 2011
<-> UC Browser (Release) build 11072317's New Features and Optimizations <->


- Local file can be added directly to the offline download; Running downloads can be renewed, rename and other operations.
- Site security scanning, automatic identification of various types of hazardous sites and alert, allowing you to access more confidence.
- Close to the provincial traffic tips, allowing you to keep abreast of traffic information.

New Features:

- Start tips, traffic tips, traffic statistics. Traffic statistics: Menu aE" Help aE" Traffic Statistics
- Offline download: local task added to the offline
download, offline tasks renewal, rename and other operations, Thunder, Express, eMule Download
- Started home to show, quit the browser speed is normal
- Memory footprint (cache) tests, such as opening a large multi-page chart, open
multiple windows networking and other operations, does not appear
automatically exit, etc.!

Mod: [Added] Ability to Customize BID Server (Editable BID Server).

Link from john: http:// jsmith 11325 /Browser /UC79r HUI202 dzebb .zip

NOTE : After installation, go to the "clear user data" then restart UC to remove Chinese Tabs.


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