Friday, August 19, 2011
well, it looks not complete that's already sharing some applications or even softwares but haven't shared those of antiviruses yet. so, now i'd like to share a "free antivirus" for nokia symbian 2nd users which sure they are in need of protection against viruses just how other smart phones need. well, for my first on antivirus i'll share one of some that i've ever tried on my phone, "kaspersky antivirus". which i just don't know what version is it. i just can ensure that it's not the latest version, but an old version and could be released on 2008 or there abouts. as such i wanna ask you "still you intend to download and try this one ?. - "hmm... no thanks. i'd rather preffer to make a search again through google, john!"... you must be thinking like that now, aren't you ?.

but no, you don't go and isn't necessary to go anywhere. yet i said that it's just an old version but it's easily updatable to the latest version. all what you have to do is just to download a file approximately 300kb in size, which that file contains an assortment of kaspersky antivirus database. kaspersky always updates it over time at least one time in a week. i'm not sure about how very often they make an update, but it's realy that they're indeed performing frequent update.

well, may it'll be more better that i just explain for the way to make an update like what i just said above, won't it be ?. how to make it is simply easy, just download this kaspersky antivirus s60v2.sis, and then download also this new kaspersky antivirus database (database of 18/08/2011): kav20sym.avc, or if you'd like to follow or even that just to check the latest database merely for now on, you can click this: kaspersky update database.intip. have you done ?. so, still you remember the way i said to you just now ?, please, go back and read again!. - well, after all above what next you gotta do is to install the kaspersky i gave to you and run it. later, make a little change on the setting when you're in kaspersky (got a grab ?). - just get in setting field by clicking a thread titled "setting" that you'll undoubtedly find it in kaspersky and look for "setting field for update". set in the colomn "way to update" from "update via wap to update by scanning phone", which this way assumes kaspersky not to connect anywhere except to make a search in your phone system to update itself supposed that you'd like to perform an update. for your last step then just click "update", or in short perform an update. and now, finally you got "the latest version of kaspersky", just enjoy it, everybody.

but, please you note by the way that this antivirus will slow down the speed of your phone system to make an access. to me it's better that we use kaspersky only one time for each intallation. just remove it after your first scan or at least you can turn off every programs of kaspersky that may run in background, like "real protection, spam detection, or even the may-be-considered easy "the icon of kaspersky", for example. they will affect your phone performance that you set 'em on. so, up to you...

oh, God!. how could i forget this: are you an amateur and don't know how to download the above files ?. congratulations!... you got a help. click here John Smith's Blog by another help.


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