Sunday, August 07, 2011
this is a great download manager for J2Me cellphone. AED Dloader has been created by aED from pinoyden. Download Files on file sharingsites like Rapidshare, Mediafire, 4Shared and some others directly to your phone.

before, this download application has ever been modified with HUI142 too, and now it's been remodified again with HandlerUI 202, which is now this downloader application also support Real Host for Nigerian. Don't forget to set the patch to a valid path.

And well, here is your link: Aed 460 rev 1 handlerui 202.jar or even from the yk handler: Aed 460 rev 1 handlerui 202.jar

originally posted by: www. ykhandler. com

an additional: this downloader is working on almost every phone with j2me.


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