Saturday, July 09, 2011
a good news for you the fans of mig33. just like you knew that since a few months ago this well known messenger application has already released a new version for their loyal fans. "mig33 4.6". and now, the true good news that i want to tell to you, is that this messenger application has now also had a handler version. yea, this is what everybody waiting for, i'm right ?. and just like the title of this post, it's named "Mig33 4.62 handlerui 202 rev 1".

some services that are offered by this messenger application among others:

- fun with friends: there’s so much you can do. games are fun, so challenge your friends in chat rooms or play the popular game ‘migWars’. this is a great way for you to meet new friends., send virtual gifts, exchange photos, manage your own blog or forum, create your avatar profile, manage your own mig33 email account, comment on other’s profiles, or even to join groups to meet like-minded people
- meet and chat: it’s easy to chat and make new friends with the public and group chat rooms as well as the private chat rooms. for more fun, add emoticons and send gifts to your friends as you’re chatting away., besides, this messenger application has great low rates for making phone calls and sending SMS. especially to international countries. you can call and text to over 100 countries
- chat with friends even though beyond mig33: chat with your friends who are on MSN, Yahoo, Facebook Chat, GTalk and AIM messengers all at once by downloading a mobile application or accessing mig33's website. you can also add emoticons or even to exchange a photo just as you're chatting
- making money: this application some what gives you a chance to collect money as you are on-line by buying and then sell "that something" you buy (sorry, i know nothing about this)
- and some more

well, if you do not and are interested to have this application, then you may click the following links to then download it to your phone.

Link from me: Mig33 v4.62 handlerui 202 rev 1.jar

original versions: all the mig33 original versions


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