Saturday, July 02, 2011
it's time to make a discourse on operamini handler. well, anybody, just like you knew that much operamini 4.3 handler have already been released by the yk handler. and in this post i would like to tell you the latest version, yea,"opmin 4.3 rc3 handlerui 201 Torque v2
with new screenshooter". this latest handler version of 43 has been released as a long time. so that i post it today, i please your forgiveness

just like the yk handler announced on his site, there are some new features added in this newest version of the operamini handler, plus some improvements of the previous features. for the lesser changelogs in this latest version of the handler among others:

- anti Joystick
- a full support of zero navigation
- direct Download
- upload jar1 as jar
- download .jar to _jar
- rename back to .jar from _jar
- close Tab Fix
- open window in background

# fix #

- copy text screen/page
- remove custom user-agent
- 50 threads of history
- 50 cache pages
- new Torque Skin, splash and
- embedded png
- screenshooter

note: when the application starts up at the firsttime, a screenshot settings will appear. all what you should do is just to set the screenshot key to: -10, and screenshot setup key to: 0, then save. after all, you can finally set the handler menu. and, to use screenshot just press and hold green key/call key/dial key

# some features in the old #

- in the handler menu added an option to show or not the handler menu at start, the effect on multi clipboard, template and screenshot)
- multi clipboard
- template
- view text screen/page

* "and", just a additional information: this browser works even on s60v2 phones. just, like the previous shit i've ever told on my old post,s60v2 phone users won't be able to download directly through this browser *

you can click the following links
to download the browser

Download links from my site:

Opmin 4.3 R3 Torque v2.0
HUI 201 ScreenShooter Mod By
Norvz 177.jar

Opmin 4.3 R3 Torque V2 HUI
201 ScreenShooter-Turbo 3.0 Mod
By Norvz 177.jar


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