Friday, July 08, 2011
some days ago yk handler ("my best friend") has again already released a new handler version of the opmin, , "operamini 6.1 handlerui 202". which, beyond any other purposes, this release is seemingly dedicated to some fans of the yk handler who have requested for the handler version of this latest version of operamini, perhaps

well what’s new in this latest handler version by the yk handler, john?, please, listen to what the yk handler said to me.

- Search suggestions of the Google and Yandex will appear when you start typing in the search field

- You can now search directly from the address bar! The search option will appear in the drop down list when you type something.
- The text selection is greatly improved for touch screen devices. Just click on the text you want to select, then drag the handles to adjust the selection and press “Select”
- Opera Turbo improvements for Opera Mobile. More speed! Improved picture quality for Opera Turbo using WebP.

# Disclaimer: The Custom HTTP/Socket Server Field Removed due to Opera TM Restrictions, instead use Filter Fields to Customize Server. (Opera now restricts HUI so learn how to use Filter Field).

Originally posted by: yk_handler
, at:

# HUI 150 Replica by dzebb: opmin61hui150dzebb
. and HUI 202 version by yk handler: Opmin61HUI202

download link: opera-mini- 6-1- handler-2.html


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