Saturday, July 02, 2011
more and more often i don't update this blog, . "actually", i'm always excited to post something here, but as i'm buzy with my new but even a used phone which is a bit annoying in the application care to instal, i just have no time to make a post here. but today, i have a bit time to write and as you can see, i'm writting

well, because i'm now a symbian user (may won't be a long) then the post i'd like to publish today is an article in connection with symbian phone. symbian 2nd exactly

a few days ago i've posted a operamini mod for symbian 2nd phones which might those of s60v2 phones are all trouble in the care on running opmod. though in actually the opmod i've given away would not work maximally, but it's great enough and fine to try it...

now i'm about to share an application in relation with s60v2, yea, still about symbian application. this application is named screenshot. and just like its name, this application is to capture/take screenshot of the phone's screen. no matter what whether you take a screenshot of "example" your phone's screen when on standby mode, on menu, on apps you may open like to take a screenshot of operamini, that you may open
. etc.

well, how to use this fairly great application, john ??, simply easy, realy... !!!

first, of course you are to download this application. after, open the application and then expand the menu by selecting the option and go to setting. in the setting menu look for colomn titled "shortcut key", this step is to set which key is to be used to take a screenshot. example: if you select "pen + 5" of the option, then to take a screenshot you should use/ press and hold "pen" key then followed by pressing the key 5. that's it, dude !!, some what this application has only a small size. less than 90kb. that's all

additional: don't kill the application if you'd like to step out of the application, but enough to minimize it. and did you know ??, pen key is the key that s60v2 users use to access some additional features for writting, it's like to turn on/off dictionary, punctuation mark, copy/pazte, writting language. which the key has a symbol "pen", and is located on the right side just beside the key for menu

screenshoter for nokia s60v2 phones.sis


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