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a new update again, anybody. actually, truly, and honestly, it's not even an update i think, it's just an improvement. but whatever it is, we're now about to talk about the features included in the world of dragons... !!!

the world of dragons has attained the version of 1.1.11, as well the handler version by the yk handler. previously, this online game has offered a quite much interesting features in its older versions like 1.1.6, 1.1.7, or even in the 1.1.8 and 1.1.9 versions that were launched a few months ago

all the changelogs of the world of dragons

- Changes of version 1.1.9 (21th June 2011):

* New Russian issues in payment gateway solved

- Changes of version 1.1.9 (16th May 2011):

* Russian issues in payment
gateway solved
Registration problems solved

- Changes of version 1.1.8 (5th May 2011):

* Mission aid: arrow and panel information
* Bugs fixed
* Promotion panel included

- Changes of version 1.1.7 (8th April 2011):

* Added the russian language

- Changes of version 1.1.6 (4th February 2011):

* Added the spanish language

- Changes of version 1.1.5 (15th December 2010):

* Christmas is here: New missions, maps and items in Father Christmas' shop.
* Android version released for almost all Android devices
* New website
* We have improved the Premium Shop. Now you can buy better Premium equipment for levels 1-10. These items are better and cheaper! Also we have created a lot of items for those levels. Thiefs can use left hand weapons! You can buy items, talking with the equipment vendor or in Premium Shop. We have changed what classes can use each type of
armor. "CLOTH: Mage, Priest and Druid. | LEATHER: Thief, Shaman and Druid | ARMOR: Warrior and Shaman". These are the weapon types that can use each class now. "DAGGER: Mage, Priest and Thief | DAGGER LEFT HAND: Thief | SWORD 1 HAND: Mage, Thief and Warrior | SWORD 2 HANDS: Warrior | HAMMER 1 HAND: Priest, Druid, Shaman and Warrior | HAMMER 2 HANDS: Druid and Warrior | AXE 1 HAND: Shaman and Warrior | AXE 2 HANDS: Shaman and Warrior | STAFF: Mage, Priest, Druid". The price for teleports scrolls and resurrection scrolls has been lowered! Also, you can buy packs of scrolls. Now you can go to Hotspring
Town with a Golden Town
Portal Scroll. We have added a clarification to the Premium Map Scroll so you can see that it can only
be used only once. Now you can go up your skills with materials that you can buy in Premium Shop. We have balanced the Premium Potions prices. Now you can buy them by only 25
CC! Besides, we have created
packs of potions so the potions will be cheaper!

We have reduced the price of stat's potions and experience's book to 10 CC For now on, Alchemist's potions can only be used in map. Only Premium Potions will be usable in combat. The food and drink for levels
1-10 is cheaper! Soon we'll change all the food and drink prices for all levels. We have changed the levels you can use each type of food or
drink. Now Chandlers sell food and
drink with the proper level as the area where they are We have created new missions for levels 1-10. Enjoy the trip.

Teleport's missions now give the appropriate teleport scrolls. We have changed some texts of low level missions until level 10. We have added
some explanation to make easier the beginning for new players. We have changed the name of some missions of level 1-10. We have changed some
missions making new missions's chain or we have reduced missions level. We have changed the name of some items in game that it was incorrect. We have changed the price of the object Cracked Leather Helm. Now Meegan is Zethar's assistant. We have changed the probability of getting eclostones in the mission "Adquiring eclostones". We have reduced the level of some wolfs from 19 to 14 for make easier the mission
"Royal Warrior." We have balanced Premium Zone "Wood Cave" and "Calm
Mine". Now you can make more missions and the monster give you reward of your level or similar. Bug resolved in mission where npc gives items to players. Mailing in game is resolved, and notifications too. Missions with reported bugs resolved..

- Changes of version 1.1.4 (8th September 2010):

* The STORE has been added to the game. Now you can buy Corsaircoins and GameTime just after you log in and from the main menu of the game
* NEW Online Version! Instead of the Computers Versions, we have created the new Online Version, which can be played directly on your computer's browser without needing to install it
* We have modified the "Dead Screen" so when your character dies, you can clearly see your options
* New Payment methods in game and in our site. You can buy now by SMS or calls. and also you can buy with more than 30 payment methods, depends of your country
* New packs of CorsairCoins, cheaper and faster
* New pack of Free CorsairCoins. You can get free CorsairCoins in our site. visit our Website Store and
follow the steps
* Unlimited Accounts can be bought now with a big amount of CorsairCoins in our new packs
* We have improved the combat system. Now, if you close the game while you are in combat, you will be death (If your character leaves, the monster will continue beating you)
* We improved the auctions. Now, if no one buys your items, the items will return correctly to your mail. Also, when you sell something you will receive the correct amount
* Communication between web server and wod servers have been improved in order to solve bugs and gain performance in game
* We have included rankings in game. There are two new concepts: Glory & Reputation. When you fight with other
player, you can win or lose glory, depends if you win or not, your ranking, your level, player´s level, and much more. In other hand, Reputation is about killing monsters. If you kill 1000 monsters … you are going to have a lot of reputation and you will be the number one in rankings!

- Changes of version 1.1.3 (29th July 2010):

* The "Bulletin Panel" has been upgraded to the "Info Panel" where you will see your account Status and
CorsairCoins before entering the game
* Now, Touch Mobile versions and Computer version have the character movement improved, allowing it to walk in diagonal when clicking the place you want to go
* "New Character" screen has been modified to avoid new players choosing incompatible race - class
* We've solved some problems related with the web registry
* Spell: "Supernatural Power of Protecting Body". This spell has been fixed and now it adds Intelect points to Armor instead of adding these points to Intelect itself. WOD mobile (.jar files) builds can now be downloaded to computers anytimes players want to
* Alchemy potions bug has been fixed. Now all of them work as expected
* Monsters healing bug has been fixed. Now they don't heal
* We've integrated a new feature called "Tell a friend". This new improvement allows players to invite their friends to share their adventures through SMS - email (depends on the version)
* We've added some quests to lvl 57-58-59. These quests were hidden in previous versions, now they are available
* We've optimized our DB manage, in order speed up this DB queries. The game runs now faster
* Problems related to appearance of actors online have been solved!

- Changes of version 1.1.2 (13th July 2010):

* Player vs Player mode has been optimized to allow all users enjoy it. But, if you are having connection problems it could have some malfunctions
* We have improved the Anti-Hacking System to prevent cheaters from taking unfair advantage over other
* We have fixed the bug which allowed players to have various active copies of the same buff
* We have improved low-end handsets' binaries in order to improve gaming experience with these handsets
* TRADE option now includes a warning message in order to prevent users from losing their items or money if they don't have enough slots in their bags
* Chatting in the Computer Version now works properly, even with another screen open on the main view area (no more duplicate letters)
* The quest "Lost Clue 3" has been fixed
* The quest "Relic Plaza Cave" has been fixed
* The quest "Betrayal of Riddelim Followers 2" has been fixed
* The quest "Hard Fight in Eventide Forest" has been fixed
* The quest "Forest of Sadness" has been fixed
* The quest "An Addiction" has been deactivated until we can fix it completely
* The spell "The Soul Breaking" has been fixed
* The maps "Center Constelation" and "Khan's Tent" have been modified in order to avoid players get stucked there
* Some internal game mechanics have been improved in order to get more responsive and accurate gameplay
* and more the older

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# and a additional: yk handler told me ("wow" =:) : "If you cannot do ScreenShot, change the Path to valid path and permitted to be written. Ex: My N73 cannot use "c:\" drive to save the file, such i change it to "e:\" drive. and later, i get it works"

and he also told me: "Supported types: Nokia 5710, 6290, 6550, 6650, 5320 XpressMusic, 5630 XpressMusic,5700 XpressMusic,5730 XpressMusic, 6110 Navigator, 6120 Classic, 6121 Classic, 6124 Classic, 6210 Navigator,
6220 Classic, 6710 Navigator, 6720 Classic, 6730 Classic, 6760 Slide, 6790 Slide, 6790 Surge, E50, E51, E52, E55, E65, E66, E75, E90, N71, N73, N75,
N76, N77, N78, N79, N81, N81 8GB, N82, N85, N86, N86 8MP, N92, N93, N93i, N95, N95 8GB, N95-3, NAM, N96, N96-3, 6500, 6131, NFC, 6208 Classic, 6788i"

well, to download the game then you can click the below:

WOD 1.1.11 S60 DP3 HANDLERUI 202.jar


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