Tuesday, December 03, 2013
Well, the right question for this one is, "Why we need to refresh our blog feed?"

That is it right?

Well, it's somehow important for us to do this action, especially if we have ever changed a post title, or even removed a post, or maybe even if we've just ever edited an article that we had ever published..

If you are wondering if this is realy something important to do or not, how come?

Well, that is it. The rule about blogger feed that you might don't know is that, once you publish a blog post, it - the post you published - will right away get a duplicate which is accessible through your blog feed, you might know about this one, but, do you know, that, even if you delete the post, the duplicate will remain stay. Or if you change the title, or you make editing, it's just the same thing, the duplicate will remain stay and still..

What's the problem if the duplicates remain stay and still?

Well, i don't know, maybe google will find those duplicates? I don't know..

You think about it yourself, you decide what to do. If someday you get any trouble with your blog feed, at least you have one option to trying out, refreshing the feed..

This is not a good news of course, i supposed my blog feed updated itself, but no it was not, and it's not..

Well, whatever, here is how to refresh your blogger blog feed..


To refresh your blogger blog feed manually, you need to go to your blogger setting tab and find the preference for your feed..

The time i wrote this article, dec 2013, you can find the field here: Blogger dashboard > Settings > Others.

How To Do?

Easy disable your blog feed for a couple of seconds, and then enable it again, the feed will refresh..

How To Do?

Hit the button below "allow blog feed?" and select "none" from the option, that is it.. :)

That's all everybody, and now i have no more to say, so, i hope this little experience will be usefull for some of you. Wish you all the best, may god bless you, and see you later.. :)