Friday, June 24, 2011
Well, today i wanna share one of the best font ever for you nokia symbian 2nd users. this font is just nice. and beside, this also has a small size that less than 200kb.with this font the letter's view will be vary, when you're writting, the view of menu, and so forth. all depends on the"category", perhaps :). i mean, the font has 4 ttf files and 1 gdr, so those are going to implement their duty as they have to do respectively

# stop fussing and let's get down to the bussiness
, john ! #

how in order to be planted this fine font in my nokia s60v2 phone, johm?, it's simply easy

1) just download the font which is in zip extension
2) check using file manager, like x-plore for example, by firstly opening "drive c" then open the "system". inside the system should be there a folder titled "fonts". if there is no folder fonts then just create it your self (in case you don't know how to create folder i suggest you you better die, dude:)
3) after the second step (which means the folder font has already been created/exist), extract all the files in the file you've downloaded to the folder font
4) restart/turn off your phone then turn on again and done

as easy ?, yea, as easy...

here is the ttf file you have to download:


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