Saturday, August 13, 2011
everybody, whereas nowadays is realy much new phone types produced in certain regions or at least in my country, which some are wholeheartedly made by local manufacturers so some of them support just a few particular versions of well known browsers. for example, my former phone cross cb90 that was support only operamini 3.1 low or older, or all of bolt's lite versions (2.1 versions and upper, while 2.0 too 2.2 full versions were capable to run). and you too knew of course that it's just fine to use the lite version's. like to open the default browser when we'd like to perform a download, "for intance". :)

well, let's keep silent and just check out the browsers of our free connection... here i'd like to give away all the versions of the Bolt browser including the original versions. here are the links:

Bolt 2.52 Lite Handlerui 202

Bolt 2.52 Full Handlerui 202

Bolt 2.50 Rev 1 Handlerui 200 beta 4.jar

Bolt 2.50 Handlerui 200 beta 4 .jar

Bolt 2.31 Handlerui 200 beta 4.jar

Bolt 2.31 Handlerui 200 beta 3.jar

Bolt 2.30 Handlerui 200 beta 3 Fix 1.jar

Bolt 2.30 Handlerui 200 beta 3.jar

bolt 2.11 handlerui 150.jar

Bolt 2.10 low Handlerui 150.jar

Bolt 2.10 Handlerui 150 Rev1.jar

Bolt 2.10 Handlerui 150.jar

Bolt 2.02 low Handlerui 143.jar

Bolt 2.02 Handlerui 143.jar

Bolt 2.00 low Handlerui 143.jar

Bolt 2.00 beta Handlerui 143.jar

Bolt 2.00 Handlerui 143.jar

Bolt 1.70 low Handlerui 142.jar

Bolt 1.70 Handlerui 142.jar

Bolt 1.70 Handlerui 142.jar

Bolt 1.62 low Handlerui 142.jar

Bolt 1.62 Handlerui 142.jar

Bolt 1.60 low Handlerui 142.jar

Bolt 1.60 Handlerui 141.jar

Bolt 1.50 low Handlerui 121.jar

Bolt 1.50 Handlerui 121.jar

Bolt 0.94 Handlerui 101.jar

Bolt 0.73 Handlerui 101.jar

all bolt original versions

all handlers' apps are originally made by the yk handler on:


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