Saturday, August 20, 2011
well, a few days ago dgsc has released a new opmod version again, everybody. "operamini mod 4.2.1 beta 7". and another good news is that this lates version has already been translated into english by the one of my best friends, pryatama.

there are quite much differences in this latest update, just like you too knew that previously the opmod was updated little by little, but not for this newest version. in this latest version you'll find some more changes than what usually you found in previous updates. like: new menu in direct input text mode, which now in this feature you'll be able to mark/unmark text on and then copy/cut it. or even in the front page that now be a bit more different than the previous versions. let's say, in the previouses the google search bar was placed beneath the address bar, but no more in the "latest updates". the google bar is now and will now be placed beside the address bar with "may" be a quite narrow space. this arrangement may be alike with those of the 5 or even 6, but not the others, it's just for the address and google search colomn possition. "etc".

well, here is a complete changes of this latest version of the opmod that you'll find in:

1) custom layout for direct entry in the file "k" in the archive jar: the name of layout [L] [LC] [CL] [C] [N] - the first character - 0 .. 9*# - key for which the specified character sequence. Subsequent to end of line characters - a sequence search. newline is referred to as "\ n". to specify the shift key after the first character more than anything not to enter.
2) wrap text in the field of direct input.
3) multibufer exchange in the immediate text.
4) may be more.

read here supposing that you wish to know all the changelogs of the opmod: all the changelogs of the opmod. and the go here suppossing that you wish to download for this latest version of the opmod: opmod 4.2.1 beta 7 english (signed).zip. enjoy everybody...

and one more think by the way. the above zip file is a signed version that will let you to set the permittion setting just how you want it. in order to your s60v2 phone install it as a signed version then here is the way you gotta make:

1) download this and install through your orign file manager: darkman certificate.cer (nokia phones) - and one bonus for sony, here: halmer certificate.cer - just set oke for all what it asks during installation like "permittion for software intallation and forth.
2) extract and place the two files inside the above zip file to folder installed files (to find the folder: go to phone menu> file manager> folder installed files. or in x-plore this folder is shown up as installs).
3) don't directly install the files both through your orign phone file manager or even x-plore and anykind, but install 'em from the manager file. (manager file and file manager... does it sound a bit different ?). to find the manager file you can go to phone menu> and then look for manager file, in case that you don't have any folder in your menu. but if you do have it then find it yourself. - all is done after this installation, and you can now as to set the setting permittion for your browser just how you want it...

Are you an amateur and don't know how to download the above files ?. congratulation!... you got a help. click here: John Smith's Blog by another help.


  1. By the way, there's a bit mistake on the explanation above. not install through manager file, but "application manager", which usually the title isn't fully shown, "manager"...

    __ Best regard: John Smith .