Thursday, August 11, 2011
well, one more way for you to download 4shared files. this way could be made using any browser and that this way is just alike as the previous trick that i've shared, which that time the trick utilized the flyproxy. com's excelence. maybe this site is coming at the right time that as you too knew nowadays flyproxy is often "lemot" (it means: annoying connection :). occasionally it's failed and failed again when we'd like to visit 4shared or even any else sites through flyproxy. but now it seems that you won't get such an annoying anymore. now you can utilize 0.facebook .com .mebapp .com's excellence to open a web/wapsite that does hide the download url when we'd like to download on. i've tried a few times and it's accessed/opened the pages quite fast, so i think this site is a great enough and fine that you try it, perhaps... :D

how to use this site to open "4shared's" is just the same with the way flyproxy use. just type the site url you intend to in the search colomn/field and surf, and then all's done as the site opening and showing up the hidden url...

have a surf everybody... :)


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