Sunday, October 09, 2011
A few months ago i've ever shared the older version of this file manager, now i'd like to share for the younger which is version 1.53. Talking in the changes, though this version is much younger than the xplore that i've shared a few months ago, this version isn't realy much different than its older version in case of the features, there is just a few features added that i just can't inform cuz i don't realy know about.

In order to recall your rememberance about the features of this file manager i have written some features of that will probably get you haunt.

* text editor.
* hex editor.
* show file details.
* set attribute.
* create or remove folders/ directions.
* create or delete files.
* renamer.
* file search.
* copy or move to zip.
* copy or move file.
* send files by bluetooth or even infrared.
* mark selected or all files.
* shortcut folders option.
* configuration/setting field.
* manage received files in inbox.
* file associations.
* update option.
* info of your device.
* restart device.
* task manager.
* view *html file.
* and many more.

I've been using this xplore for a quite long periode so i can ensure that this application will work properly on nokia s60v2 N70-1, and just not impossible that this one will work as well on any of s60v1, v3, or even above. Much more on types of s60v2. If there's a feature that out of order to use on s60v2, or may be on all series, then it must be the "restart device" function, and it doesn't be a matter i think.

Well, if you're interested to download this handy file manager then you have already had permition from me to do click on the below link.

Xplore 1.53 for nokia symbian.sis

or from the original link:

Xplore 1.53 for nokia symbian.sis = http:// www. 4shared. com/file /Nlgf91ht/ X-Plore .html


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