Friday, October 14, 2011
Operamini mod 4.21 beta 11 has already been released since a week ago or there abouts. I know nothing about the features and i know nothing about anything of this latest version of the opmod. The only thing that i know (i guess exactly) is that this one should be larger in size and may be heavier in installation than his previous versions.

And because i know nothing about so i won't tell anything but i will only share the file which is "Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 11 Handlerui 202 www. yk handler. com - I even just don't know who of them has remodified this latest opmod, dzebb or yk ?.

Here are some links that contain the same opmod, just chose the one.

Opmod 4.21 Beta 11 Handlerui 202.jar hit this first (4shared)

Opmod 4.21 Beta 11 Handlerui 202.jar 4shared orign link

http://ykhandler. Opmod421b11 handleruif2.jar link from ykhandler

How comes i'll be able to download 4shared files using a phone, John ?


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