Tuesday, September 11, 2012
Opera 8.65 Nokia Symbian

Opera 8.65 Nokia Symbian S60v3 And v2. Have you ever tried this browser? I'd say, this is another version of Operamini, and this one could be good or could be such a nothing. I mean, the browser isn't even greater than operamini 4.2, but it has a good enough feature that you may love to find, that is Resume Download.

Resume download? Hey.. My operamini supports it already my friend?

That's it buddy. Ain't like operamini, opera 8.65 is more likely designated for use as a default browser. So does your default browser support resume download already? I bet my android, not yet. :)

When i tried on my N70, everything was almost similar to my default browser, the letters it used, the way it showed options, till the background, all was just similar, but of course it had some more features than my default browser. Such as google search, auto complete address, editable shortcut, and maybe some more.

Well just give it a try to know more about this browser. Below are the download links. But note buddy, opera 8.65 that is for S60v3 below is a trial version, but for S60v2 is full. And one more thing that i want to tell you is, download the files through adf.ly. You know, it's my brother's site. :)

Opera 8.65 S60v3
Opera 8.65 S60v2

Have fun buddy. :)


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