Sunday, May 01, 2011
snaptu is one of so many applications for java phones that offers fairly great features. this application can run on almost any java enabled phones
it asumes you to get access of some well known sites through one application just like when you open a website using your browser. it's like on facebook, twitter, flickr, picasa, sports, news, blogs, entertainment, tv, movies, and maybe some more. some social bookmarking like youtube, myspace, hi5, orkut, friendster, wikipedia, gmail, ebay, bebo and forth

a little more detail of anvantages you can get from this application

- facebook, never lose touch with your friends, get latest news and status
updates, browse friends profiles, reading and writing message, update your status, etc
- twitter, write new twits, twits answered, writing and reading messages, see the followers, and more
- livescores, live soccer news, including real-time match results, news, tournament and forth
- picasa, picasa photo browser. public picasa web albums,
search, view and to
upload photos from your mobile phone
- news & blogs, rss reader. read your favorite feeds and blogs from your phone, post up or send through e-mail anytime and anywhere

if you do not have it yet, click the link you below to get it soon

snaptu v1.7.1 handlerui 200 beta

snaptu 1.7.1 handlerui

- just additional files:

snaptu 1.30 handlerui 150.jar (wait a few seconds prior to download). or here: Snaptu 1.3.0 Handlerui 150.jar. and this: Snaptu v1.2.8 Handlerui 142.jar


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