Saturday, May 14, 2011
well, anybody., today i wanna share a media player application. "lpplayer" for j2me enabled phones. which with this application you will be able to just play some multimedia file types

actually nowadays most phone types are already providing a built-in music player application as an additional feature for the phones itself. but, just like what poeple say over time that it's truly not a human that someone gets satisfied with the something he/she may have (not including me :). therefore, i'm here to share this a fairly perfect free media player application

beside you'll be able to just play some file types like what i told, other excelences you'll find in this player are like:

1) a feature that enables you to change the background with your own image. and

2) the 3d equalizer "plus" echo and the shocking effects feature. expecting more?, there's also a BASS BOOSTER feature that will possibly get you impressed

actually there are some more excelences. what i told above is just what i know and what i can tell

if you do not have it yet and being interested to try, then just click here: lpplayer.jar to download this application soon to your phone

note: you need to rename the file becomes .jar after downloading


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