Wednesday, May 04, 2011
i know it is too much late to talk about this opmod 4.2 rtm that's been released as a long time ago. but., i just think, who knows this will be useful for somebody. or at least for them who may be late to know this great application, right?, maybe .. ?

well, let's discourse on the new features of the opmod 4.2 rtm

just like what poeple say over time, it seems that the features of the opmod 4.2 rtm is issued more great, greater than the synchronization feature of the operamini. actually this feature is already available in operamini mod 4.2 rc5, just, in rc5 the feature is not realy perfect. it, is the "export-import data feature/back up", which includes the general settings, internal settings, hortcuts, navigation, saved pages, speed dial, bookmarks, search, navigation overall, display, the url address ever, multi-clipboard, history, and more

all the above mentioned may not that all can be stored at once, but it's just some by removing the check marks. and just the same when you wanna make an import. and, the data you store will be saved in the omb extension

with the above feature, whatever that you set can be saved (export) into a file form, which the file won't be deleted even though the opmod has been deleted nor it's felled by the new version you may instal., which updated means the data of the old version felled won't be included in the default setting by the new opmod you install

another advantage is that if at another day you'd like to run a new opmod, then you don't need to make a new setting anymore, suffers it to import the old data you have exported. and that which this way if previously you have ever logged in a/some various accounts, then after you are importing the old data you don't need to re-log in to the site you've ever logged in before anymore in order to be logged in. even opera synchronization itself will be synchronized automatically with no need to login to

obviously, this export-import data feature will make you be more fun., it's fine suppose that you have an account at a website but you have not logged in for a long time. with this feature you won't ever forget your old login. cuz this way you are to be logged in automaticaly. however, be careful in case of storing data in your phone, it's more better that you hide the data. cuz once your data being sent to another phone, and the owner knows what the file sent to exactly, then say good bye to your accounts

well, if you do not have it yet and interest to download for this operamini mod 4.2 rtm in indonesian or even english language, then choose the following files: opmod 4.2 rtm.jar (in indonesian). and opmod 4.2 rtm.jar (english language)


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