Monday, May 09, 2011
yea, anybody. it seems that this java online game is indeed realy often updating the version. it's not like others that to launch an update usually they need/do at least 5, 6, or 7 months to take after the last version launched, this java online game just need a/two months to launch an update

as you know, just a few times ago i posted a version of the wod which that was the latest version that time. and now it's already launched a new version again?, what a quick update

well, for you the game lovers, if you realy think that you are a crazy gamer, then you must have this lates version of the world of dragons. this game is quite fun. so, may it be a good that this java online game releases updates by often

read the following explanation ("of the features of the old version") previously who is not in the know about this enjoyable game in order to have a bit look about

world of dragons is a massive online game, and the latest version is world of dragons version 1.1.8

by the way, before continuing giving lecture i wanna inform you, that though the title of this post is world of dragons for java enabled phones, but actually i just don't know if this game will work on any java phones or otherwise not, cuz a long time ago when i tried to run the game i got a real nice signal, and so i just couldn't connect. but i was able to get inside on register and log in field. my phone s40

well, with this game you will experience an adventure in a full fantastic world with monsters, magic and colorful environment. your quest will be a greatest hero of iglion, and you will
share your quest with thousands of players around the world simultaneously. mmorpg is good but should be large, and we do it with the world of dragons

here are some features you'll get from this game:

- character configuration, you can choose from>
# four races: human, elf, orc, dark elf
# six vocations: warrior, mage, thief, priest, druid, shaman.
# male/female
- more than 2000 different weapons, including swords, axes, maces, daggers, staff
- lots of different magic spells
- more than 500 different inventory
- personalization: your personality traits, your clothes and your weapons are set visible, in order to you equip yourself with best stuff and let other players jealous to see it
- more than 20 hours to complete the main plot
- more than 50 hours to complete the secondary missions
- more than 200 npc characters
- developing your character from level 1 up to 60
- more than 40 various monsters that which this feature is developed on ongoing development
and the most latest feature added into this is handler menu, which is assuming you to be able to online freely

some changelogs you may wanna know:

- changes of version 1.1.8 (5th May 2011): mission aid: arrow and panel information bugs fixed promotion panel included
- changes of version 1.1.7 (8th April 2011): added the russian languaje
- changes of version 1.1.6 (4th February 2011): added the spanish language

if you do not have it yet, just click the links below to download it soon to your phone. and in case you do not know how to extract/unzip the files below (or in simple expression: to convert file from zip into jar extension), then go to a online converter to extract the files. all you need to prepare is just to copy one the url of the below files that you wanna have it in a jar extension then paste in the colom the supplies (or you can even first download then convert the file at wapshare)

1) links from my site

for 1.1.8 version:

world of dragons 1.1.8 for s40 dp3 handlerui 200 beta
world of dragons 1.1.8 for s60 dp3 E61 handlerui 200 beta
world of dragons 1.1.8 m608 handlerui 200 beta
world of dragons 1.1.8 k700 handlerui 200 beta
world of dragons 1.1.8 k800 handlerui 200 beta
world of dragons 1.1.8 for s60 dp2 handlerui 200 beta
World of dragons 1.1.8 S60 DP3 Handlerui 200 beta

for 1.1.6 version:
World of dragons 1.1.6 S60 DP2 Handlerui 200 beta 4.jar
world of dragons 1.16 dp3 handlerui 200 beta 4.jar
wod 1.16 K700 handlerui 200 beta 4.jar


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