Thursday, July 19, 2012
How To Go Back To The Old/Clasic Gmail Look?. Did you ever want to make it? Now you can. Maybe Google doesn't opt out the option to revert to the old Gmail anymore, but you can still make it. A Google representative has posted a Web address that will get you back to its old look of Gmail though you won't realy get it permanently. You will get its old look back only when you access it, after you leave it you won't find its look remain and replace your current Gmail look. here is the address: - Beside you won't get the look back permanently, it seems you won't also get the full version of its clasic Gmail, you will get only the Html version of it, and such you'll miss some features like drag-and-drop messages, chat, customizable inbox themes, and some others.

Whatsoever you miss at least you can still go back to its old view, that's somehow fine, isn't?


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