Sunday, July 08, 2012
Opera Mini Mod (Opmod) 4.21 Beta 20 Handler Indonesian With Facebook Skin. Sorry for i got only the indonesian language, i've checked the handler's site but they haven't published yet.

Below is the changelogs.

*Additional configuration user mode: Keep the original color of the separator.
*Update facebook status without reloading.
*Status of jackdaws in the dialogue history and cache clearing saved during the session.
*Changing the way slumber streams.
*Changing the minimum amount of buttons, links on the home page. Limiting the maximum width of the scroll bar for automatic mode at 26 pixels (in the manual remains 25% width of the screen).
*In the input box on the home search mode display only the icons included in the settings.
*Changing the type of message that there is no page in the page cache to disk.
*roll-launch icons for the links on the home page, change the size similar to the system icons.
*Turn off lights, after removing the corresponding checkboxes in the settings will turn off after a timer (not mandatory).
*Order list in the player.
*Text in bookmarks and history when you select to Speed Dial is painted the color of 76. Sistemnaya page: the text.
*Reference while viewing the cache to disk painted in the color 0x49aa, now in color 103. Fayl: the text of the color scheme.
*When you edit a saved page, you can specify a display on the home page (it was only when adding a new one).
*"Painting" status window FTP.
*When the font size for the input fields "Automatic" in the search text box on the home page displays only the icon search.
*If you use an external graphics files ("f" and "g") and the size discrepancy with the original color scheme, using the original color scheme. When you click the "Reset" in the menu changes the color scheme, color scheme is read from an external graphics.
*Changing the width of the separators.
*Edit resize icons turn-deploy for the links on the home page.
*Optimizing drawing text.
*Opening Edit drop-down lists, if the content in them was a symbol.
*Optimization of copy/move files to the FM (test).
*Optimization of sorting in the FM.
*Edit page updates after the application of the scheme.
*Disabling shear page links to Help for hot and on the program.
*Links to the pages of the system were painted in the color 0x49aa, now in color 103. Fayl: the text of the color scheme.
*Edit maintain its position in the settings.
*Edit determine the type of input fields for adding commands to its menu.
*Edit save your navigation.
*Edit "clean" install options.
*Change of saving the cursor position in the allocation of preferences.
*Edit update pages after changing the color scheme.
*Edit the cursor when you start the selection function of the text.
*Edit a cache on the disk.
*Edit dividers in overlay windows.
*Edit in saving settings.

Wap: Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 20 Handler.jar

4shared: Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 20 Handler.jar

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