Saturday, July 14, 2012
Text Editor Application For Nokia S60v2. Now i'd like to share a "Text Editor" for Nokia S60v2 Phone, Dedit. This Text Editor has the ability not only to edit text, but also those of code like Css, Html, Javascript, Php, etc. It's realy usefull especially if you're a writer/publisher, i guarantee it. - I understand if you prefer to use X-plore than this one, cuz truly so am i. But if you know "How To Use Its Dedit Text Editor Application", then you can change. With this Text Editor you can edit text with ease, and no matter how many characters you edit it will remain light to scroll. Much more it has also a jump and block function, where the jump function will let you easily jumping from line to line, while the block function will let you easily copy as many text as you want without scrolling down/up as you usually do where it could be annoying if the text is so realy long, like 50kb text maybe. You can even decide if to block the whole text or a part where you decide the start and end text to be blocked. Or even to select the text manually as usual.

Here i captured some screenshots

Dedit Text Editor Nokia S60v2 Dedit Text Editor Nokia S60v2 Dedit Text Editor Nokia S60v2
Dedit Text Editor Nokia S60v2 Dedit Text Editor Nokia S60v2

Dedit Text Editor Nokia S60v2.sis


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