Sunday, November 13, 2011
Just a few months ago i have shared already its 1.5.3 version which i said it was a full version. but not, in actuality it was not a full version. I'm so sorry about it, that time i was having some various versions of x-plore so i became much confused to find which that was the full version when uploading the file for its my former post because i realy had some options of files to upload. But it won't happen in this post, cuz now i have just two files of x-plore which are version 1.5.3 and 1.5.6 .

Actually it's not realy a matter if you use the full versions or the demos, cuz i think they are much alike and just a little features that makes them be a bit different. And just like that if you use the latest or the older versions, what that differs them is just a little features.

Just alike to his brother this latest version of x-plore offers you some features that you might have ever tried them already on its previous version, they are like:

* text editor.
* hex editor.
* show file details.
* set attribute.
* create or remove folders/ directions.
* create or delete files.
* renamer.
* file search.
* copy or move to zip.
* copy or move file.
* send files by bluetooth or even infrared.
* mark selected or all files.
* shortcut folders option.
* configuration/setting field.
* manage received files in inbox.
* file associations.
* update option.
* info of your device.
* restart device.
* task manager.
* view *html file.
* extrack .zip or .rar files.
* and many more.

Well, if you are interested to download this greatest file manager then you can check the following links:

Xplore 1.5.6 For Symbian S60v2 Phones.sis (Link Recommended)

Xplore 1.5.6 For Symbian S60v2 Phones.sis (Original Link). While for s60v3/v5 you can download from the official site:

This application will work on any symbian s60 phone. Supposing that the above file won't be a full version then may you want to make the same way with what i have made. It's easy to make, just download the x-plore version 1.5.3 and 1.5.6 which the version 1.5.3 i have posted it on the previous post, then Install the 1.5.3 version first and replace it with the 1.5.6 version by installing the file itself. And you are done...

But i'm much sure that this latest version is a full version, cuz i've downloaded it from the official site and it seems that they realy give away this application manager as a full version.

Good luck everybody...


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