Saturday, November 05, 2011
Well, a few days ago i've shared Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 12, which wasn't a handler version cuz that time it was not available yet. Now i come again bring it for you, bring its handler version of opmod 4.21 beta 12

What are The new features have been added in this latest version by Dzebb ? "let's find out them...

Changelogs in its original version

Added / New Features

27/10/11: select external graphics file "f.png" cards and "g" position of icons.
25/10/11: In the settings view you can select the size dependence of the interface. The graphics are now used to specify the position and size. The archive file is a "g". Comments
- the entire line after "#" character can be deleted. In the test versions so far are for the convenience of creating new grafpakov.
"Tip": when you resize the icons keep original aspect ratio. Mode depending on the icons on the size of the logo will depend on the size of the top panel, from hot tips
* the lower of the page icon
* other.
10/23/11: dividers between the links on the home, in history, bookmarks, a file manager.
17/10/11: OFF! In setting the screen orientation using the accelerometer is added (not tested).
13/10/11: In the settings view daw to show the cursor on all pages (except system).

Here is your link, sir !.

Opmod 4.21 Beta 12 Handlerui 202.jar (Recommended link)

Opmod 4.21 Beta 12 Handlerui 202.jar (Original link)

Opmod 4.21 Beta 12 Handlerui 202.jar (Linking to Dzebb's site)

How comes i'll be able to download 4shared files using phone ?


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