Thursday, November 10, 2011
Well, just keep silent everybody. Take it as something new though in fact time to discuss about this player application has already been closed since a long time... :)

I know nothing about this player at all, i just ever tried to use it a minute and it wasn't realy an impressive experience - Actually the features and services are great as it has a good view plus an option to change it, it has a capability to show song lyrics, capable to play a various type of music files, and many more. just, what that i don't like is that it's a bit slow to move. When i moved my joystick to one side it didn't straight away move to the side where i ordered it to move, it would move at least 30 seconds later after my order.

Beside it, i also had to confirm too much suck requests due to the permittion application. My phone is nokia n70, and as you too knew that on symbian 2nd phones (may exactly on nokia phones) every java applications must ask for permition prior to do anything, not that the application has been signed with one certificate. In short, once an application make a move then it will ask your permittion for one time. Well, then what if you'd like to play 50 mp3 files on your phone ?. "you gotta give a 50 admitances for the permittion request that no doubt the player that you may use will ask as pressing a key for fifty times - "Now what if a folder contains 200 mp3 files ?. "such a simple answer but realy hurts the heart: just press the yes for two hundreds counts in succession...

Whatever, if you want to download the file then you can try the following links:

Ttpod 1.70 Handlerui 200 Beta 5.jar (Link Recommended)
Ttpod 1.70 Handlerui 200 Beta 5.jar (Original Link)
Ttpod 1.70 Lite Handlerui 200 Beta 5.jar (Link Recommended)
Ttpod 1.70 Lite Handlerui 200 Beta 5.jar (Original Link)


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