Wednesday, November 02, 2011
Well, a few months ago i've shared with you one player named core player, which i said in the post "it's the greatest player for your symbian s60v2 phone. and it's true everybody, that one is indeed a much great player, much more it could be the best player for you.

so, why should i share another player that i have already shared the greatest ?. - "well, look !. When i say something is the best one, it doesn't mean that its something is generally indeed the best one, but may its something is personaly the best one which as in case of "the core player that app is the best one to me, and in me, as the writer.

And to me, "again, smart movie is another worth greatest player to try, say it the second one. I say this one is something as the second one but to you it much likely would be the number 1 player app. Doesn't everybody have their own passion respectively ?.

Well, here are some excelences of smart movie that you may will love

* Automatically perform a scan and list the results with a preview for each video file.
2. It has also a setting field which will let you to set some parameters like to set the display if to show a fullscreen or vice versa.
* Ability to ratate the display by choosing /clicking on the screen mode in setting field.
* Increase or decrease the speed of the show's motion by giving a specification for the option "A/V Sync.
* Show file details.
* Explorer that will let you to go into your phone to find your video files or even to play a folder.
* May this be an excelence too: just like you read in the title this player that i'm about to share is a full version, which means that you won't be annoyed by a shit ask which usually would show up every a few minutes that you may have ever experienced in the trial one, so now you could play even a large file, howsoever the large of the file is.
* And many more.

One thing of this smart movie that to me it's better than of core player is its main page, which core player doesn't have it. And as i just said above this smart movie will preview every files found in the main page, i think this is the answer why this one looked much nice and more exciting than core player.

Well, it is all that i could remember. If you wanna know more then you can try this player application yourself and see, is it great ?. is it better than core player ?. - etc.

Here is your smart movie, brother !

Smart Movie 4.2.0 For Symbian S60v2 (Full Version).sis


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