Saturday, November 05, 2011
As you too knew, labs versions are usually adored by them who want a light version of browser, and may be a simple browser as well. They are not those of the opmod but they are just modification versions of the original opmins. As they usually have a small size approximately 250kb or smaller, they have just a few features to offer and so much far than what the opmods offer, but doesn't mean that they are just nothing. They are much better than the original ones, and they are a praise worthy creations too.

Here are some features that you'll find in this version

1. Zero Navigation
2. Handler Menu
3. Multi-Window
4. Muti-Clipboad
5. Multi-Operator
6. Templates
7. Screenshots (Key 9)
8. Custom Path for Saving Screenshots
9. PNG/JPG Image Encoder
10. View Texts on Screen
11. View Texts on Page
12. Direct Download
13. .Jar File Extension Renamer (from "." to "_" jar to download .jar files)
14. Rename back from .jar to _jar automatically when performing an upload
15. Night Mode
16. Show/Hide Handler Menu
17. Custom User-Agent (Currently Blocked by Opera TM)
18. Handler Proxy (HTTP, Host, "Plus Real Host by dzebb)

Well, wish, want, or may be interested to download ??. "here is your file:

Opera mini 4.2 Labs Handlerui 150 Rev 2.Jar


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