Thursday, November 24, 2011
A new update again everybody, Opera Mini Mod 4.2.1 Beta 13 Handlerui 202. I haven't tried this version as yet, but, i can ensure that it musn't be a serious update. I mean "new features that have been added in this newest version musn't be realy much, it must be 2 or at most no more than 4. i'm sure about cuz it is realy dgsc style which usually he would do.

Here is your changelogs

Beta 13 - 22/11/11: If you disable full screen mode and not duplicating softknopok enabled in the settings form includes duplicate buttons Save and Cancel.

Beta 13 - 22/11/11: Added two servers. In the network settings you can change the server code. Do not change unless you know what it is. If the code is changed to an invalid and halted access to the server, delete the code and click "Save." type of information on it.

Beta 13 - 13/11/11: For touch screens, if you disable the tab bar at the upper border of the icon shows a list of open tabs. List of tabs opened on the icon of. Read More >>

Here are some links for you:

Opera Mini Mod 4.2.1 Beta 13 Handlerui (Link Recommended)

Opera Mini Mod 4.2.1 Beta 13 Handlerui (Original Link)


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