Thursday, November 10, 2011
Just a few minutes ago i have visited the handler founder's official site and found a comment as the following:

July 5th, 2011 at 5:17 am
@ all admins,
This browser is very fast but
cannot log in passwords on secure
Please, shed more light on this

Before continue this conversation, i think i gotta say sorry to the man who's made the comment cuz i have copypassed his article without any prior permittion. "i'm sorry, brother !... :)

Well, is there any trick to handle the problem ?. "no one can't be done everybody.

This problem would occur only on a browser that supports such a mode, a secure browsing mode, to surf the internet. One browser that's been built for phone and supports secure browsing mode is bolt browser. When you are trying to login using a browser with a secure browsing mode is active on a site that's taking a secure login mode along in its proccess you normally would lose your signal just after you click "login. For example: on the bolt, you would lose your signal after the browser asking a permittion for the second time after you inserting your password in a column of the login page on some sites, like on facebook, gmail, yahoo, etc. It happens because the sites are taking secure browsing function in their login sections, and on the other side your browser also does the same action just like what the sites are doing so it results in such a problem comes. To handle this problem all what you have to do is just to set the mode off. And to do it, you can go to your browser's setting field and deactivate the fuction. On the bolt the option is titled "Secure Connection - or you too could make use of the option opted out by the sites where you may want to log in.

This problem would never happen on opera, cuz opera doesn't support the function. You could just go in everywhere on the web needless to confront such a problem. But, i don't know if this means a good point or otherwise bad of opera.

Well, now you know how to login securely on the web. Hope i'll find more stuff so may next time i could share it with ya. Good luck everybody...


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