Sunday, November 13, 2011
Nimbuzz, it actually has released that version of 1.9 already since a long time, which that version is still being held till today as the representative of Nimbuzz latest version. In the original version this one messenger offers a quite much interesting features, like to feature the user with canal that will enable the user to connect to his facebook so he could make a chat with his facebook friends, which usually he wouldn't be able to make it.

Well, is there a different feature compared to the original version that this handler version offers ?. - I just can answer this question cuz i have never tried it yet. However, may you can listen to what my two friends said to me supposed that you realy wish to know about.

think "how could ?. " no one can't be done, everybody !... :D

* Chat with your buddies from Windows Live, Yahoo, Facebook, Google Talk, AIM and more.
* Free calls to Yahoo, Windows Live and Google.
* Talk Share files, photos and music.

Is that all ?. "i don't think so, but i also don't know ??. :)

I think, let's just pull the file and try it and find out what features are served in this remodification release. Try the following links everybody:

Nimbuzz 1.9.3 Handlerui 202.jar (Link Recommended)

Nimbuzz 1.9.3 Handlerui 202.jar (Original Link)


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