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Setting Hp Untuk Modem Komputer & Laptop - Pengaturan Atau Cara Setting Menjadikan Hand-phone Hp Sebagai Modem Computer/Laptop Dgn Menggunakan Kartu Gsm Semua Operator - Telkomsel, As, Simpati, Three, Tri, 3, Xl, Indosat, Im3, Mentari, Axis. Or in english, it means: "How To Set Celular Phone As A Modem For Computer Or Laptop?".

Internet, everybody knows what's that, and everybody use it.. Well, for those who're not realy familiar with, or maybe a new boy in internet, here i wanna discuss about How To Use Your Phone As A Modem For Your Computer Or Laptop To Connect To The Internet?.

If you're thinking, why should you use a celular phone as a modem that you have a modem already, then the answer is "Why not". Maybe later you need this trick? Who knows right?

Well, let's get down to the business..

1. Parameters From Each Operator.


Username: wap
Password: wap123
APN: telkomsel
Dial Number: *99#
Telkomsel Flash

Username: wap
Password: wap123
APN: flash
Dial Number: *99#


Username: xlgprs
Password: proxl
Dial Number: *99***1#

Indosat IM2

Username: (given as you register)
Password: (given as you register)
APN: indosatm2
Dial Number: *99#

Indosat IM3

Username: gprs
Password: im3
Dial Number: *99#

Indosat IM3 Paket GPRS

Username: indosat@durasi
Password: indosat@durasi
APN: indosatgprs
Dial Number: *99#

Indosat Mentari

Username: indosat
Password: indosat
APN: indosatgprs
Dial Number: *99#

Indosat Mentari Paket GPRS

Username: indosat@durasi
Password: indosat@durasi
APN: indosatgprs
Dial Number: *99#


Username: indosat
Password: indosat
APN: indosat3g
Dial Number: *99#


Username: 3gprs
Password: 3gprs
APN: 3gprs
Dial Number: *99#


Username: AXIS
Password: 123456
Dial Number: *99#

2. Step

- Make sure that Gprs is already active on your phone. If it's not yet, then contact your operator to activate it.

- Prepare a cable data to connect your phone to the computer. Optionally, you can also use bluetooth to connect your phone, but it's not recommended.

- Connect your phone to the computer using cable data.

- Go to Control Panel > Phone and modem options > Tab > Modems > Add.

- Now you'll find a new tab, check on the "Don't detect my modem I will select it from a list" > Next.

- You'll find a new tab again, and you may either find your phone is listed or not. In case your phone is listed, click on your phone's name and then click Next. If your phone is not listed, click on "Have Disk > browse", and find your driver in your hard disk where you put it.

Additional information: If you can't find your driver, try to search through google, example: "Driver Modem Nokia n70". Normally the file is only some Kilobytes in size.

- Now, check if it is getting installed or not by going to Control Panel > System > Tab > Hardware > Device Manager. You'll find a new tab, take a look at "modems" and you should find your phone's name there (Nokia N70 USB Modem). Make sure that it is working properly, right click on Nokia N70 USB Modem > Tab > Diagnostics > Query Modem. Wait a few seconds and you'll find the report, if you don't find the report, it means you fail. Try to repeat your steps, maybe you did something wrong.. Or, read your phone's guidance if there's any instruction about it.

- Now click Start > All Programs > Accecories > Communication > New Connection Wizards.

- After, you'll find a new tab. Click Connect to the internet > Next > Setup my connection manually > Next > Connect using a dialup modem > Next.

- You'll find the "Connection name" tab, just write anything, example: Three. And after, click Next.

- Now you'll find "Phone Number to Dial", fill it according to your operator. Example: *99#. And then, click Next.

- On the "Internet Account Information", fill according to your operator. Example:

Username: Three
Password: Three
Confirm password: Three

Now click Next > Add a shortcuts to this connection to my dekstop > Finish. This is supposed to make you easy to use it.

- Double click on the shortcut that you just created and you'll find a new tab where you'll have to insert the password that you have specified. Just insert your password and click Dial, and you're done.

For nokia phones, you can also make use of Nokia Pc Suite to set up your configuration. For other phones, the above could be slightly different..

Here Is An additional Guidance For "China" And "Local" Phones

- Download and extract the following file on your computer. Sorry i don't link it, so copypass the url:

- Connect your phone to the computer using cable data. Just note that the sim card 1 is the card used to connect, not sim 2, if available.

- Now, you should find some options like Web Cam, Port Com, Storage, and maybe somekind. You have to choose the Port Com.

- You'll get notified that the computer finds a new hardware, just follow the instructions shown. In case if the computer doesn't find the driver, choose to install it manually: Have Disk > Browse/find the folder that you have just extracted on your computer (Folder from the file that you just downloaded) > Click Next > Continue Anyway.

- Now, your phone is identified by the computer. To make it sure, go to Control Panel > Phone And Modem Option > Modems. You should find your driver here named MTK GPRS USB Modem, double click on that MTK GPRS USB Modem > Tab Diagnostic > Query Modem.

- Now go to the Advanced tab, and fill the following on the Extra Initialization Command: AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","Fill your APN here".

Let's say.. Your card is three, then the following is how you're supposed to specify: AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","3data".

- After, just click OK and then OK again for any option given.

- Now go to Control Panel > Network Connection > Create a new connection > Next > Connect to the internet > Next > Setup my connection manually > Next > Connect using dial-up modem > Next.

- On the ISP Name, just type anything. Example: Three. Then, click Next.

- For Phone Number, fill with your dial up. Example: *99#. Then click Next.

- For Username, fill with your username. example: three. Then Next.

- For Password, fill with your password. Example: Three. Then Next > Finish.

- Now try to connect it, go to Start> Connect To > Choose the configuration that you just created. If it's succesfully connected then well done, but if it's not then repeat the steps, maybe you did something wrong.

Well that's all. Good luck my friends. :)


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