Tuesday, March 05, 2013
Internet Xl Bebas And Unlimited Harian / Mingguan / Bulanan - Gimana Cara Daftar Paketnya?

"Use Xl Bebas and get a free connection for 6 months". Actually it's not realy exactly what you'll get if you buy that package, 'cause it's not an unlimited data plan as what that you may think. This package will give you 150Mb quoto per month, after you completely use that quota, you'll be given again another bonus which is 1Mb per day. The rule here is, you'll be charged a normal fund for your connection if your use is over 1Mb. That's it..

Let me say my opinion.. This is the cheapest data plan that you can buy today, it's even cheaper than internet three aon. In aon, you pay Rp 30.000 and you get 6 months active period + 50Mb per month (multiplied with 6 months = 300Mb total). In Xl Bebas, you buy the sim card Rp 5.000 and you already get 6 months active period, but without any quota inside. To get the quota, you need to reload your pulse at worst Rp 5.000.. Well, just read the rules below and you'll understand what you get.

1. Xl Bebas is priced Rp 5.000.
2. Xl Bebas is active for 6 months, without quota before reload.
3. To get free 150Mb quota per month, you need to reload your pulse at worst Rp 5.000 per month. Free quota, means your pulse will remain unused 'cause the quota is given as your bonus. You can still use your pulse to make a phone call, sms, buy another data plan, or somekind.
4. Quota remain is added/accumulated to the next month. Say you don't use your quota this month, the next month when you reload your pulse again, your quota will be 300Mb in total.
5. You'll be given 1Mb additional quota everyday after your 150Mb is completely spent.
6. You can still buy another data plan while you're on Xl Bebas.
7. Check quota remains at *123#.
Well, that's all everybody.. Just note that you have at most only 150Mb per month, so be wise with your use. If you're a download maniac, this data plan won't suffer you..


  1. Anonymous6/11/2014

    bedanya apasih xl bebas sama xl axita..?