Wednesday, May 09, 2012
Fbchat 1.0 Handlerui 202

Facebook Mobile Chat Application

This is a facebook chat application that's been modified by Dzebb by adding a handler feature to enable us connect through another line to pass by the bill quitly, with the correct configuration of course. With this application, you will now be able to chat with your Facebook friends just right and straight from your mobile phone. Connect to the internet and just chat with your friends, or maybe write your someone with the sweetest words as never been said by anybody. - The application may be compatible with any Java enabled phones since it's packaged in jar extension, maybe.

Qeep 2.12 Handlerui 202

Qeep 2.12

Well this one is some what a bit alike to chat application but not realy. Cuz beside enables the user to chat through the instant messaging service, this application will also serve the user with a multi-player gaming and photo-blogging. With this application the user will be able to create a personal profile, connect with friends, or even meet new friends. The application itself is based on a modular client-server architecture and multi-tiered IP infrastructure.


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