Saturday, May 19, 2012
New Features Added

*Start/end/beginning of text are set to the lower border, in neposredsvenno input moves the carriage to the beginning or end of text.

*Long hold on the phone call button will change the case of direct entry into the field, changing the current layout to the next, except for the disabled in the settings and digital layout.

Features Modified

*When your opmod getting error of something, it will now prompt you as sending a message with the number of steps and its errors.

*In direct input to switch the layout of the long '(or # if the file layout as prescribed) is available, and digital layouts.
*Changing the algorithm to work with text in a telephone input field. (TEST!).

*When the counter in the direct input of characters displayed, "the current line number: the position of the carriage in the line/number of selected characters (total number of lines: the total number of characters)." The number of lines indicates the real line, separated by newlines instead of a string used to display, broken, in addition to line breaks, and even in width.

*Replacing the text in the box, the text selected from the list, just enter the address for the server or any server code from the list and enter the address from the list of addresses and to enter a search string in the list of search strings. In other cases, the selected text is added to the existing one.

Features Fixed

*Edited to run on SE phone.

*Edit display a list of Speed Dial in the choice position to save the bookmark to it.

*Edited quick navigation.

*Optimization for SGold.

*When you restore the session, the last opened page is duplicated. If the page can be displayed in the review, it will be shown in it.

*Optimization tips directly in the input.

*Tip of the hot on the lower border of raised higher.

*Exit filemanager after importing settings to not stray path.

*Edit avtosmena register directly input.

*Edit resume drawing downloads in the status window bootloader.

*Edit the definition hints at the link on the page, if the tab before it was opened and closed the file manager.

Operamini Mod 4.21 Beta 19 Handler


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