Friday, April 20, 2012
Tunewiki 2.2 Handlerui 202 Craked By Dzebb : I don't know what this application exactly is, and i don't know how does it work, i just think that this one is an application of Media. It's been cracked by dzebb. Upon installing, you'll see a message like successfully generated auth code, it will exit, so you'll have to open it again after.

Windows Live 368201 Handlerui 202.jar : A windows messenger but is not an english version. If you understand the language below then this messenger is for you.

muy version especial por mi amigos y amigas en Mexico, parte Europa, Espana, Americas, Argentina ect. es modificar exclusivo. La lengua de applicacion en espanol. saludos y para ti.. gracias!

Ebuddy 2.30 Handlerui 202 N97 : Sure you know what is this application exactly. A well known messenger application that will enable you to chat even with your facebook friends straight from the application.

Opmod 4.21 Beta 18 : This is the latest built of beta 18. It has some changes but i don't wanna talk about it. You can visit the official site to know about.

Well guys, before you download and install the above application you may wanna read this. "To me, the above applications are all just something like "A Failure Applications" cuz they're troubled.

Opera: previously it got a trouble of the text editor as it reached an eror when i used it to post and edit text in more than 10.000 characters. But maybe it's fine for you that you're not a publisher.

Ebuddy: The bad News is that now the connection won't through http line anymore, but socket which is normally hard to connect it with any free tricks. But i don't know if this holds only on the loggin section or whole section. So pray God..

Windows Messenger: This one maybe works good but it's not an english version.

TuneWikiPlayer 2.2 Handler: Maybe this one is the only application that i share here without trouble included.

Now download your application. Have fun..


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