Sunday, October 14, 2012
Ever wondered how to create handler applications, my friends? It's got damned easy, all what you need is just an application, a single application. Is it realy? Of course my friends, just a few weeks ago Dzebb launched a java application named HandlerUI Embedder. The application should run on every J2me enabled phones.

Wow, that's good. Is this the way Dzebb make to add handler function into applications? I'm not sure, ask it yourself to him. He is my brother you know, his facebook username is Dzebb. Maybe you're fan of him?

As i quoted from Dzebb, here is how to use the application:

1. Install HandlerUI Embeeder app.
2. Create 2 folders. Just name those Folder1 and Folder2.
3. Unpack the file you want to modify to the Folder1.
4. Launch your HandlerUI Embedder.
5. Browse and Set the Input Folder Path. Ex: e://Folder1.
6. Browse and Set the Out Folder Path. Ex: e://Folder2 (This is where the modded and finished file goes).
7. Start Patch and wait a few minutes. If the file is large, it may take longer.
8. Once it's done, exit the application. Next, open your File Manager (like X-plore or Minicommander) > Go to ouput Folder2 > Repack all files to jar/zip.
9. Exit File Manager. Locate and Install. The modded app is auto named with HandlerUI. \m/ .
10. There is no step 10, you're done here.

That's just so easy. You gotta say thanks to Dzebb for this application. Here is the file, download through Of course.. :)

Have a nice day my friends. :)


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