Thursday, March 15, 2012
Reportedly HTC has upgraded the HTC Sensation OS to Ice Cream Sandwich Os (Ics) and means to release it publicly starts by the end of this march. HTC announced to be the first upgraded HTC Sensation launched early is Htc Sensation XE, and after Htc Sensation XL to follow. This statement (or announcement) is made on their facebook, you can check it yourself.

Not only the two Htc Sensation above, Htc will also upgrade the other Htc Sensation, they are Rezound, Vivid, Amaze 4G, EVO 3D, EVO Design 4G, Incredible S, Desire S and Desire HD. Just, they didn't tell where exactly the above Sensation edition will be launched. Ice Cream Sandwich Os itself is an Android Os which came to renew and perfect the previous Os. This new Os's been launched and adopted for the first time by Galaxy Nexus.


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