Thursday, March 22, 2012
Hot Money

Did you know that Some smartphone or tablet apps can help you to calculate or predict the number that will come up on the lottery you play? There are so many adorable applications that you can use today, like the three that i'm about to tell you here. The Mega Millions jackpot is still up for grabs million dolar, one of the biggest jackpots ever. You may have the numbers you're loyal to, but some poeple are fairly random about it. If you're in one of the 42 states, like in California for example, then you can take a chance. The game is quite simple, as Rene Lynch at the Nation Now blog explains: "The player picks six numbers from two different pools, which the first five are numbers from 1 to 56, and the sixth is chosen from numbers 1 to 46. You'll win by matching all six numbers."

The problem is "how to pick the numbers?". These three apps can help you to pick the right numbers.

1. Mega Millions: If you think you'll be just fine to spend some more dollar then here's the one that you may wanna buy. This application will give you the current information for the Mega Millions lottery and the historical data as well. Either shake it or tap "Go!" and later it'll spin up a random set numbers for you to play. It will also let you plug in your numbers so you can see how your fared after the draw. This application is only available for iPhones.

2. LottoPicks: This is a free app that will allow you to set and pick your country to either Canada or the United States. With this, you can find the latest results for your state's lotteries too the jackpot total. Or even the date of the next draw as well as the winning numbers. - You can set it to store your lucky numbers and pick the remaining ones randomly or have 'em all turn up randomly. It lets you save up to your latest 10 picks. - This app is only available for Android and iPhone/iPad.

3. Lotto Pro: This application will generate a quick picks for you. The site says this app can identify ball number trends, such as frequently chosen or overdue numbers, and generates a quick picks based on those trends. - It will also match your winning numbers and calculate your winnings automatically. But this application isn't available for free, you'll have to pay 99 cents to both android and iphone. Actually there's a free version for iphone, but the application will all only give results.



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