Wednesday, August 01, 2012
Blogger Added A Bagde To Google+ Profile (Setable To Page) In Our Blogger Dashboard For Easy Way Socializing Our Blog And Its Contents. As you knew, Blogger lately has added many new and nice features for our blog, where most of them are supposed to improve our blog Seo's rate. Now after those many new and nice features, just a few days ago Blogger added one more new feature again in our dashboard, "Google+" tab. This feature is supposed to help you start growing your blog with Google+. This means, you can now: Connect your blog to a Google+ profile or page. If you blog under your own name, you've already been able to associate your blog with your personal Google+ profile. And that way, now each time you post on your blog, Blogger will show you a Google+ share box that will let you notify your followers you have new blog content. And that, If they (followers) like what you share, they can +1 or reshare your post to their own friends on Google+.

It's even prety easy to get started, just click the "Google+" tab in your Blogger dashboard and then the "Upgrade" button. If you've already upgraded to Google+ before, you won't find the "Upgrade" button after you click the "Google+" tab, but you'll all only find your Google+ profile picture along with your Google+ page, if any. And here you can decide if you want to associate your blog with your profile or your page.

Currently it hasn't realy much features to offer, but they said they'll be introducing more settings on this tab in the future. And i'll let you know about it right a minute after a new one's added. Have a nice day everybody.. :)


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