Friday, August 10, 2012
Outer Heaven 1.0.2 Handler

Outer Heaven

Outer Heaven is an online game that which is a translated to english version. It's originally in a chinese language. There are two versions for this one, a version for Sony mobile and a versian for Symbian S60. Choose from the below.

Sony: Outer Heaven 1.0.2 Handlerui 204

Symbian: Outer Heaven 1.0.2 Handlerui 204

ibibo i-Browser Handler

ibibo i-Browser

The new feature that you may want to know is that now this browser is capable to straight play mp3 files on your device. I haven't tried it yet, but it must be using file manager. Click on the picture to download the file.

QQ Browser Mini Handler

QQ Browser Mini

This one is almost completely alike to ibibo i-Browser above. Not only for the new feature that will enable you to play mp3 files on your device, but also every features that it has are very similar. Click the picture to pull the file.

See you everybody. :)


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