Monday, August 13, 2012
Do you have an account on Twitter and wish to write just more than 140 characters but you're unable? Did you want to be able to write unlimited text on that site? Were you thinking of a way to trick it? Well, good news.. Now you can. Now You'll be able to write just unlimited text on Twitter. It's obviously the time to say good bye to that limitation.. :)

Well, actually i'm not going to tell you a trick here, but a tool from third party that will allow you to post unlimited text to Twitter. There are many that you can find today, and they're free. You'll only have to sign up using your Twitter account before you can use their service, and that's prety easy. Just go to the site, login using your Twitter account, and you're done. That's it.. :)

Here are some sites that you may wanna try: TwitLonger, Twishort, Tinypaste, Maxitweet, Richtweets, and Twiffo.

Maybe i haven't tried all of those sites, but i've tried, and i still use it till now. That site is realy great enough and is realy simple when i access using my mobile phone. The view is alike to the page where you'd create a new twet on Twitter when using your mobile phone. Narrowed, and there are perhap just two or three options including the box to write the text to post.

That's all everybody. Hope you find this usefull, and have a write up.. To my friend somewhere, where i adapted this article from, appoligize for i don't attach any name here. Maybe next time dude.. :)


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