Tuesday, May 21, 2013
The latest update of OperaMini Mod is beta 30 build 23926, don't know when this will get over, it's been years now. Sometimes it's such a boring news to hear about OperaMini Mod update, but at the same time i'm thinking, will it be a good news for me if OperaMini Mod project getting ends up? Well i guess it's not realy, cause it means that the browser will be no greater than its last time built. But, doesn't everything in this world always have the ending part of its story?

I have no idea, i mess up..

Here download the files if you'd like. I don't host those files, instead i give you the official webpages, but through adf.ly first:

OperaMini Mod 4.2.1 Beta 30 Handler 210: http://adf.ly/PKhRn
Facebook 3.1.1 Handler 210: http://adf.ly/PKiYH


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