Saturday, May 11, 2013
It's actually not realy like what i said, Syncronize Your Android Smartphone To Your PC Using Samsung's SideSync Application, it's close to it though. Syncronizing a device, to me, is more like a condition where you can grab back files, data or somekind that you save on a server by simply connecting your device to its server with a single click, well it's not what this Samsung's SideSync application offers to you (i guess). Samsung's SideSync application is such a tool that will facilitate you to manage contents on your Samsung Android Smartphone as you are connecting the device to your computer.

Let's say, suppose that you connect your Samsung Android Smartphone to your computer, and say the computer is running Samsung SideSync application. Such, the contents on your Android smartphone will be backed up by the computer.

It's like Nokia PC Suite i think, but maybe with a different layout. When your device is connected to the PC, SideSync app will show you the device as on a second screen, you can then move from one screen to the another one by tapping on the screen using your mouse. Further more, you can even use the keyboard on your computer to write on the phone, you can also doing copypassing between the two devices (it's a must for the application to support doing it i think), drag and drop files to move from or to the phone, etc.

What you need to do to have so is just to install the application on your computer then connect the phone to the computer, and all is done. It must be a windows computer anyway, who knows you have another brand of computer right?

Here is a video if you want to know how the application will serve you exactly.

What guys do you say about Syncronize Your Android Smartphone To Your PC Using Samsung's SideSync Application. Have you got the application? Tell me about it.


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