Wednesday, May 01, 2013
After previously released demo video, Google now gave another video tutorial in relation to Google Glass to public, they said it Glass How-To: Getting Started. As you might guess, the video will give you some explanations about how to use Google Glass exactly.

Google has shipped the early developer version of the Glass to early adopters last month, but none of us know yet how the device is operated. Well, now the video let us know that.

As seen on the video, beside the screen resolution that which as you too knew it's 640 x 360, there is also a touchpad on the right side which functions to operate or navigate in betwen some features, like to turn on or off the device for example. And, talking about the limited (small) screen, Google has also explained that it won't be a matter for the user to see and read what's on the screen.

The first content that you will see when you turn on Google Glass would be the Home screen that shows you the time, suppose that you have Google Glass sometime. And then on timeline section, you can have some more features by simply swipping the touchpad. You can also check some details of the features like Schedule, Calendar, Weater, and somekind just by tapping on the touchpad.

Want to check out the video, buddy? You take a look here. :)

The device will also let you share your contents to Google+, like video files and somekind. Why you wanna know about Google Glass if it doesn't even enable you to connect to Google+ anyway, right? Of course..


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