Saturday, April 06, 2013

iPhone 5S & iPad 5 Reviews, Specs, Price, And Release Date (Rumors)

A new rumor again, iPhone 5S & iPad 5 Reviews, Specs, Price, And Release Date. As it is a rumor, nothing is clear yet, Specifications, Price, nor the Release Date itself, everything is unclear. However, if you consider the condition of market today and take a look back to previous releases, then may you take this more than just a rumor. Not to mention, the sources here are realy trusty enough, ain't like junk sources that completely (Excuse my bad), sucks.. :)

iPhone 5S & iPad 5 Specifications

It is rumored that the iPhone 5S will likely adopt a new A6X processor system-on-a-chip, higher-end processor, better LTE support, lightning connector, Super HD display, 12Mp camera, a fingerprint sensor, and near-field communications support (NFC). It's also possible if the device carries a wireless charging too release a 128GB version regarding the ipad 5 and capacity of Apple itself.

iPhone 5S & iPad 5 Release Date

"Can't wait, my heart's beating very stronger.. Got damned!"

Sure it's what you feel if you're the guy. You got a lot of money to keep in touch with apple, you even feed your cat simply with a single $100 three times a day, you give away a bucket of $ to your neighborhood as you take a jog in the morning. What a kind your God is.. Look at me my friend, i have to beg people's kindness for 5 cent on the wayside, even sometimes i don't eat a week. I just don't understand why God doesn't kill me yet. Got damned..

It is rumored that the release date won't take a long, according to some sources. But, some other sources estimate it could take quite a while.. The first one said it would be on June during a special event called "Original Passion, New Ideas", that which he said have an inside source. In the other hand, the another one said it's likely to be in quarter three this year.

At worst, maybe quarter three is not realy long. :)

iPhone 5S & iPad 5 Price

The price here is an estimation only, it's a rumor yet right?

The iPhone 5S is calculated to be around $199 for the 16GB model, $299 for 32GB, and $399 for 64GB all with a new contract. The iPad 5 may start at $499 for the 16GB model, $599 for 32GB, and $699 for 64GB.

So we have to wait, but we'll find it out guys. Meanwhile, you can speak up your opinion on the comment section below.. See you later and have a nice day. :)


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