Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Upgrade Firmware: Nokia Has Discontinued Its Navifirm Project Since April 22, Two Days Ago

Navifirm is a software from Nokia and is for Nokia Smartphones aimed to facilitate the users to get update or upgrade of their firmware from Nokia server. If you own a Nokia Smartphone, this could be such a must have application for you, it makes you easily grabbing update from Nokia.

The software itself was first launched in last Januari. But now, just two months later (2 or 3?) after the launching, the project has already been discontinued, exactly since April 22, the day before yesterday. This forces you to make another way to get firmware update from Nokia, the way that could be a little bit more annoying for you.

If previously you could perform update and save the firmware on your device as anytime you want using Navifirm, now you'll have to wait for the notification from and to go through the "over the air", that which it is a built-in service on your smartphone.

Another bad news is, as Navifirm project has been stopped from functioning, manual update through Phoenix and JAF will eventually also be closed, it's just a matter of time.

How To Get Firmware Update From Nokia, Is There No Way Other Than Through The "Over The Air (OTA)"?

I have told you, there is another way to get update from Nokia, that is by accessing the database server. But of course, it won't be as fun when you perform update as using Navifirm. It's just an old way, to access Nokia database server you can visit its official website from your smartphone, you need to have an account though.

It's Nokia, the former biggest cellphone manufacturer around the world, so i guess it would be, right? However, for Nokia Lumia Smartphones, i don't know where you can get the update from, but it must be about "Nokia" or "Microsoft", right again?

Do you guys know anything due to Nokia Smartphones' firmware upgrade? Let me know that.


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