Friday, April 26, 2013
Microsoft currently has a deal with ZTE, a manufacturer from China. ZTE itself has an impressive track record in smartphone market worldwide. At the begging they were stuck in trouble, but then they find a deal as on April 23, and they have signed for the deal and patents.

According to the report, ZTE has right to implement global portfolio from Microsof on their products like Smartphones, tablet, computer, or anykind that adopts Android and/or Chrome OS. There is no information whether ZTE will have to pay for royalty, how much and how long the contract will be held.

Beside ZTE, Microsoft also has made a deal with Hon Hai Precision Industry. Horacio Gutierrez, somebody important in Microsoft, said that lately he found many conflicts related to patents. He said, manufacturers must avoid such a conflict and try to learn others' patents each other.

Microsoft has been an experienced manufacturer for years, and experience teach people how to respect others like they want others to respect them. Microsoft supposed itself confident to respect others' patents, and so the firm wants others to respect Microsoft patents.

Gutierrez said further, Microsoft had paid more than $4 billion for patents of their partners in the last decade to put copyright safe. Microsoft has made many deals with companies like HTC, Acer, Wistron, Compal Electronics, and Quanta Computer.


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