Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Facebook Home App was first launched on the Google Play Store about two weeks ago, exactly on April 12. And just about 11 days after the launching, Facebook Home counted reached 500.000 downloads, it's not realy a big number for a social network giant like Facebook, and consider that 500.000 new Android devices are coming to Google Play Store every 12 hours. Yet, 500.000 is not a bad number maybe.

A little surprise was that most people ranked the Facebook Home very low on Google Play Store, about 5.960 users gave the application a rate of 1 of 5 maximal rate they could give. In total, average rate for the application was 2.2. So very poor..

What make me wonder about Facebook is that this social network giant looks like so hated by, some people? Do you remember when Facebook was going to replace the profile with its timeline? It sounded like 3/4 of Facebook users were fighting the plan as saying they loved the old view more than its timeline, even like they were warning would leave Facebook if it was going to be real. But then see, what happenned? Nothing..

I myself prefered timeline since first time i tried it, even i thought that the old view was already a bore that time, even know the home page is already a bore, and even the timeline is getting a little boring now. How come those prefered the old view? I don't understand it..

This time, there are only 5 Android Smartphones that support the Facebook Home App, HTC First, HTC One x, HTC One x+, Samsung Galaxy S3, and Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Yet, Android Smartphones that are not supported by the Facebook Home can still install the application, there is a way to trick it. Read here for that: Install Facebook Home On Any Android Smartphone

Have you tried this application already on your Android Smartphone? Tell me about it..


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