Sunday, April 21, 2013
Facebook is currently working on a new design for its home page (Sorry, it's not a new design anyway, but redesigned. And it's not realy very soon perhaps). I'm not surprised, i guess this is the answer of my question a few times ago when facebook launched its timeline: "Why does facebook replace the profile with timeline but it doesn't even make a little change on the home page?". Now my guessing is, Facebook tried to avoid sudden big change (I guess Facebook should make over everything at once a few times ago as they introduced the timeline, it would be something like an evolution of Facebook). But, if it 's not it, then it must be cause Facebook couldn't wait for the launching, but wait, Facebook couldn't wait? It would be a question..

As said by Mark Zuckerberg in a press conference, the new design will bring some changes on News Feed (It's home page, where you usually find what your friends are saying). It is going to have a new interface where the design will be somekind like a personalized newspaper. The design will be applied to both desktop and mobile viewing.

Facebook Home Page

This new design is supposed to bring a new navigation bar, more white space, bursting with color, and fresh feed. Each story will be putting the spotlight on what your friends are sharing. Get Facebook just how you want it with your choice of feeds. You'll see the same clean look wherever you use Facebook, is it on mobile, tablet, or web.

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